We are looking for for a highly motivated, intelligent and conscientious quantitative developer with good analytical skills, intellectual curiosity, and a strong technical foundation.  Excellent quantitative skills are a must.  You must demonstrate the highest ethical standards, work well in a potentially stressful trading-desk like environment, and be eager to pick up new concepts in a short period of time.  This is an intern position, so for approximately 3 months duration, but can be extended to a full-time position, or a longer duration if the candidate shows promise and works hard.  The intern position is part or full-time, based on the candidate’s academic situation.  The company will not pay for re-location, so candidates from Bangalore will be preferred.


–    Whitefield, Bangalore


–    Master’s or Ph.D. degree candidate or holder, in a quantitative field such as engineering,  operations research, applied mathematics, or statistics

–    Previous work experience is helpful

–    Previous programming experience is essential, especially in C/C++/C#/Java

–    Must be comfortable with numerical methods, especially with linear or quadratic  programming, numerical solutions for PDEs, and concepts in probability and statistics.

Other requirements:

–    You must be very detail-oriented

–    You must  be extremely well-read and aware of current events, especially economic and  financial

–    Facility with Excel/VBA is essential